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About ATLAS.ti Software

Doing qualitative data research is indeed very time-consuming and tiring sometimes. As a modern person, you must know how to work smarter and faster. Then, ATLAS.ti will help you with the power of AI.

ATLAS.ti Review: About ATLAS.ti Software

This company is a live safer for those who need qualitative data research. Simply said, it offers AI-powered qualitative data analysis software. That’s why we can work more efficiently, accurately, and faster to save some time.

We choose this software for no reason. So, it’s because of how well-known the software has been in the field for decades. Moreover, the software has been used by Microsoft, Boeing, Lego, NASA, the World Health Organization, and more.

Furthermore, its social media also collects 13K followers on Facebook and 4.3K on X. But why use ATLAS.ti for qualitative research? Therefore, our ATLAS.ti reviews will see whether it’s worth it by assessing the features, pricing, and service!

Overview Of

This software was released by Thomas Muhr in 1993 under the company Scientific Software Development. Now, we all know it as ATLAS.ti GmbH, which he led for nearly 20 years.

In 2021, the management of this company was handled by Jörg Hecker, the CEO. However, Thomas Muhr continues to advise and monitor the company as the founder and shareholder.

Then, after decades of work in the QDA software market, this software has grown more robust. With a long history, the program is now already sold and used globally among giant companies and organizations.

ATLAS.ti Reviews

This company offers a well-known qualitative data analysis software with the power of AI. So, the software uses AI efficiency to provide humans with fast and accurate insights.

ATLAS.ti Reviews: ATLAS.ti Reviews

Instead of using the traditional way, you can communicate with your documents. The data will also be coded depending on your intent for tailored results. In addition, the software comes with a list of great features, from transcription to chat.

ATLAS.ti Products

Those two are the current products that come with other features. Additionally, you’ll also choose the license for multiple users, whether as a student or on campus. But why is ATLAS.ti good? Our review will uncover more details about it!

ATLAS.ti Web Reviews

The ATLAS.ti Web is a license for the web that can be a more affordable option. It is compatible to use in your browsers to access your data and turn it into actionable findings. Further, it’s very easy to use and powerful.

ATLAS.ti Review: ATLAS.ti Web Reviews

Besides, this web-based platform will make your data analysis easy anywhere and anytime. However, it has fewer features than the desktop version. So, this is best for focus groups, literature reviews, user research, and field notes.

Regardless, it still has decent AI features to get more accurate and faster findings from your data. Here are some of the features that can be accessed from the web version:

Web for Browsers Features

  • AI Coding
  • Conversational AI
  • AI Code Suggestions
  • Content Editor
  • Auto Coding
  • Smart Search
  • Team Collaboration
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • More

The web is compatible with English, Spanish, and German interface languages. So, access it to have a streamlined data analyzing experience!

ATLAS.ti Desktop Reviews

Want more upgrades than the web versions? Well, the answer is ATLAS.ti desktop software that works for Windows and MacOS. This software will meet every demand.

ATLAS.ti Review: ATLAS.ti Desktop Reviews

Additionally, it has more upgraded features than the web versions. So, this will be the best choice for scientific researchers, students, education, marketers, UX & product designers, data analysts, and more.

Not to mention, the main selling point is the groundbreaking tech with OpenAI. Thus, you can enjoy from sweeping multimedia analysis to masterpiece visualization for your entire research workflow.

Desktop for Windows & MacOS Features

  • AI Coding
  • AI Summaries
  • AI Code Suggestions
  • Native Mac  & Windows Versions
  • OpenAI-powered tools
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Team Work
  • Code Co-Occurrence Analysis
  • Find Concepts & Code
  • Opinion Mining
  • Secure Cloud Storage Sharing
  • More

FYI, it has more data type support, coding, network, linking, reports, interface language, and analysis tools than the Web ver. Thus, sign up now to manage, analyze, and organize your AI-driven insights for next-level workflow!

ATLAS.ti Features Reviews

One of the main keys of this platform is the ATLAS.ti AI Lab OpenAI-powered tools. It’s designed to provide divine features to revolutionize your qualitative data analysis. Here are the AI-driven research tools’s features:

Intentional AI Coding

This feature will put your tailored codes on autopilot to align with your specific needs. Further, the OpenAI ChatGPT technology ensures accurate and specific objectives.

Conversational AI

Can you imagine having a conversation with your data? Use this AI chatbot feature to query, clarify, and extract vital info.

AI Coding

Gain valuable insight from your data in no time with AI-driven results. So, no more the slow and mundane manual coding.

Fine-tune AI Coding

Enjoy the new slider control to tailor the granularity of AI Coding results. Hence, get the wide and more fine-grained data in just one click.

AI Summaries

Extract the crucial info in your data faster with the AI summaries. Thanks to the ChatGPT from OpenAI on the desktop, you can simplify the qualitative analysis and insight summary.

AI Code Suggestions

Streamline the workflow and explore the data in a new perspective with the OpenAI’s ChatGPT model. Moreover, this feature will allow you to dive deeper into intuitive and insightful coding.

Those are only some of the benefits of its AI Tech. Enjoy also other features like Smart Search, Opinion Mining, Named Entity Recognition, Concept Search, Word Cloud, and more!

ATLAS.ti Transcription Reviews

It’s a fact that ATLAS.ti has a long list of features like AI coding, editing, survey data, comments, and more. It’s gonna be a long review of all the features. So it’s better to try it for free by yourself.

ATLAS.ti Review: ATLAS.ti Transcription Reviews

However, one feature that grabs our attention is the robust transcription tool. With this feature, the user can transcribe their data into text. So, upload an audio or video file to transcribe it directly in the software.

In addition, it allows importing, playing, editing, and analyzing transcripts from every transcription app and software. It includes Zoom, Teams, and others. The support format is also very flexible for TXT, DocX, RTF, SRT, and VTT.

In other words, the software can automatically generate speaker coding when importing the VTT files. Thus, get your license now to harness all the smart tools!

ATLAS.ti Download

Another thing that we love about this software is its great desktop and mobile interface. Wheter using the app or the browser version. So, easily download the software for your desktop or mobile for access everywhere.

Further, you can find the app version on the App and Google Play Store for iOS and Android. Feel free to download the latest ATLAS.ti 23 and 24 versions for the most advanced features!

ATLAS.ti Pricing

The pricing of the research software varies depending on the chosen package. For instance, the student package with government licenses will cost different.

ATLAS.ti Price List

Educational Licenses

  • Personalized Single User (Web): $24/month
  • Multi User License 1 user (Desktop + Web): $375/year or $782/3 years
  • Multi User License 5 users (Desktop + Web): $1,265/year or $3,720/3 years
  • Multi User License 10 users (Desktop + Web): $2,300/year or $6,268/3 years

Student Licenses

  • Student License (Web): $10/month
  • Student License (Desktop + Web): $114 for 2 years
  • Semester License (Desktop + Web): $59 for 6 months

Non-Commercial & Government

  • Personalized Single User (Web): $34/month
  • Multi User License 1 user (Desktop + Web): $459/year or $999/3 years
  • Multi User License 5 users (Desktop + Web): $1,397/year or $3,795/3 years
  • Multi User License 10 users (Desktop + Web): $2,645/year or $6,900/3 years

Commercial Licenses

  • Personalized Single User (Web): $60/month
  • Multi User License 1 user (Desktop + Web): $666/year or $1,351/3 years
  • Multi User License 5 users (Desktop + Web): $2,185/year or $5,980/3 years
  • Multi User License 10 users (Desktop + Web): $3,956/year or $10,685/3 years

Those are the current prices this year. It can be changed in the future. Don’t worry since the price will be listed during the checkout process. Further, it has a free trial so you can enjoy all the features for free!

How Does ATLAS.ti Work?

In a simple way, the software highlights quotations related to certain types of qualitative data. That’s why it is usually called coding. Further, using AI will allow the users to analyze and edit the data easily.

Besides, get the software by purchasing the license available for personal and multi-users. Then, once you register and make payment, do the desktop or web login to start work on your data analysis. Alternatively, check web video tutorials to get started with ATLAS.ti. 

ATLAS.ti VS Nvivo

Aside from ATLAS.ti, there are also other similar analysis tools. One of the most popular ones is Nvivo. So, is Atlas better than Nvivo? We’ll make a simple comparison in the list below!

  ATLAS.ti Nvivo
Price Starting from $10/Month Starting from $1,249
Free trial Yes Yes
Data discovery Yes Yes
Multiple data sources Yes Yes
Visual analytics Yes No
Access controls/permissions No Yes
Data storage management Yes Yes
Sentiment analysis Yes Yes

Who Is ATLAS.ti For?

This AI qualitative data analysis software is well-known in many industries. So, it is basically suitable for everyone looking for a better and smarter way to obtain research findings.

The software is also available for individual and multiple user options. Moreover, it is mostly used by scientific researchers, students, universities, data analysts, and more. That’s why it’s used by Harvard Business School, Toyota, CSIC, and others.

ATLAS.ti Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The decades of experience make you completely confident with the quality of this platform. However, there’s no harm in checking the user’s reviews.

ATLAS.ti Review: ATLAS.ti Reviews: What Do Customers Think?
  • GetApp: 4.8/5 rating from 124 reviews
  • Capterra: 4.8/5 rating from 124 reviews
  • G2: 4.7/5 rating from 53 reviews

This company obtains highly positive reviews across the platforms. Even on Reddit, most of them stated it’s a good tool. Further, check this one of ATLAS.ti reviews:

This app is a game-changer in managing large-scale qualitative data. The integration of AI coding tools takes this experience into the future. It makes data analysis not only easier but also more thrilling. The support center also has been exceptional…

We also find several cons from the buyers’s feedback. Here’s the complaint:

One potential drawback is its new pricing system. Some users may find it expensive. There’s no lifetime license instead of the 3-year lease. Even though it ensures the software is updated and has endless support.

Most user opinions are positive about the outstanding tool’s performance, ease of use, and customer service. On the other hand, the negative reviews about the system and the plan option above are only minor.

Is ATLAS.ti Worth It?

ATLAS.ti software is totally worth purchasing. It’s mainly ideal if you are looking for a smarter and faster way of qualitative research.

ATLAS.ti Review: Is ATLAS.ti Worth It?

Furthermore, it has a super UX that makes work effortless with a myriad of AI-powered features. The pricing is also very reasonable for students’ and companies’ needs.

ATLAS.ti Pros And Cons

In the list below, we’ve summarized the platform’s pros and cons based on our research. So, please wisely weigh the strengths and flaws!


  • Robust AI-powered tools
  • Features package design
  • Free group personal sessions and training
  • Comprehensive editing, managing, & organizing features
  • Makes work more accurate and fast
  • A good interface for any device
  • Very easy to use
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Free trial
  • Cancellation any time
  • Excellent customer service


  • No lifetime offering

ATLAS.ti Cancellation Policy

The user can cancel anytime based on the cancellation policy. However, we recommend to cancel 14 days before the event. In this case, you won’t be charged a withdrawal fee.

Then, if you cancel less than 14 days before the event, your account will be charged 80% of the total cost. Meanwhile, within 5 days before the event, the withdrawal will be charged 100% of the total fee.

How To Contact ATLAS.ti

Need assistance before paying your license for this software? Feel free to use the customer service contact details below to discuss your concerns or questions!

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +1 (866) 880-0231 or +1 (541) 286-4391
  • Live Chat: Lower right bubble
  • Social Media: @ATLAS.ti

Headquarters Address

Bergmannstraße 68
D-10961 Berlin

Where to buy ATLAS.ti?

The software is available for individual users or multi-users. So, we recommend you get the license from the official site at Get the software at the best price, whether for one-time buying or leasing!

ATLAS.ti Coupon Codes & Promos

Is ATLAS.ti free? Good question! Most people may question whether you can try it for free. We gladly let you know that it has a 45-day free trial. The user also can enjoy all the features without restraint for 5 days.

Lastly, we recommend joining the newsletter if you want more savings. Thus, you’ll receive updates on discount codes, promos, and other news!

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ATLAS.ti Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for ATLAS.ti reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is ATLAS.ti used for?

It’s a software that offers qualitative research tools for coding, creating network diagrams, studying transcripts & field notes, and more.

What is the difference between ATLAS.ti and SPSS?

The SPSS is a program utilized to assist quantitative research. Meanwhile, the ATLAS.ti supports qualitative research.

Is ATLAS.ti easy to learn?

Its software is super easy and comfortable for coding qualitative data.

Where is ATLAS.ti company located?

This software company’s location is in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Is ATLAS.ti good for thematic analysis?

This software is also good for thematic analysis to identify themes in large data sets.

Does ATLAS.ti use AI?

Yes, it does. The program is equipped with AI-driven technologies.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of ATLAS.ti Reviews & Ratings

The qualitative data analysis software in our review is highly recommended for everyone. This can cut down all the hassle and slow work of manual researching. One of the reasons is the top-notch modern tech.

With the help of AI, this software offers a myriad of features like coding, editing, transcribing, importing, and mode. Also, this software works in many fields, from studying to working. Hence, let’s work smarter, not harder, with ATLAS.ti for free!


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